Is Cristiano Ronaldo time coming to an end?

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When Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United, all the united fans thoughts that he will make team much better but even after his pretty good effort Manchester United are at the 7th place after the 30th round.
Former Manchester United Legend Wayne Rooney says

Manchester United need more than they’re getting from Cristiano Ronaldo. He added Cristiano isn’t the player he was in his twenties.
That happens, That’s Football. He is a goal threat but in the rest of the game they need more.

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Wayne Rooney said Manchester United should choose Mauricio Pochettino over Erik ten Hag as their next manager: “Pochettino has done it in the Premier League. At Tottenham he brought a lot of players through”

In the meanwhile we can not forget what Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved in his career, He has ..

Cristiano Ronaldo has the most goals in all competitions (club & country) 807 in 1113 appearance,
Cristiano Ronaldo has the most International goals 115 in 186 appearance,
Cristiano Ronaldo has the most Champions League goals 141 in 187 appearance and many more records.

Ronaldo was insane with Real Madrid

Ronaldo was insane with Real Madrid

And with Real Madrid he was amazing, Look at these stats

Real Madrid in UCL “Before Ronaldo”

season 2004/05: Round of 16
season 2005/06: Round of 16
season 2006/07: Round of 16
season 2007/08: Round of 16
season 2008/09: Round of 16

Real Madrid in UCL “After Ronaldo”
season 2010/11: Semi-Final
season 2011/12: Semi-Final
season 2012/13: Semi-Final (Top Scorer)
season 2013/14: WINNER (Top Scorer)
season 2014/15: Semi-Final(Top Scorer)
season 2015/16: WINNER (Top Scorer)
season 2016/17: WINNER (Top Scorer)
season 2017/18: WINNER (Top Scorer)

What do you think, Does Rooney has a point or Ronaldo still has a lot of football remained?


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